Center for Occupational Therapy Education

Re-imagining Occupation-centered Education

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Center for Occupational Therapy Education. Through collaborative mentorship, I work with whole programs and individual educators to design, implement, assess and refresh curricula, courses, teaching and instructional materials. I specialize in helping programs infuse the concept of occupation in and through all student learning.

I launched the Center in 2008 to promote educational research and practice in occupation-centered education, what we have now defined as designing all learning—from micro learning tasks to macro curriculum design—in such a way that students cannot escape except by making explicit links among the topic of the day, occupation and associated reasoning processes. The research at the Center has created better understandings of occupational therapy education overall and the concept of occupation-centered education specifically. One result is a profession-specific education model that guides educators in instructional design and teaching, the Subject-centered Integrative Learning Model (SCIL-OT).

Three beliefs undergird my collaborative mentorship services: 1) a curriculum is only as successful as what happens everyday in the classroom in the interactions students have with educators, peers, activities, materials and the learning environment, 2) creating such alignment between the overall design and daily activities of a curriculum requires regular maintenance, and 3) that which binds all the elements of a curriculum is a profession’s core disciplinary knowledge. To that end, I offer a compliment of services that span the Design-Build-Implement-Assess-Refresh continuum. Programs and individuals customize these services to fit where they are on the instructional design journey. All services are informed by the Subject-centered Integrative Learning model (SCIL-OT) integrated with best instructional and curriculum design practices from the field of education.

COTE services include

  • High quality workshops and retreats
  • Consultations on instructional design and implementation at the levels of the curriculum, course, class session, and learning materials
  • Learning assessment design and review
  • Peer teaching observations and mentorship
  • Individual instructor and adjunct mentoring

These services are for whole programs seeking to

  • Re-imagine occupation-centered learning and explore a model to help ground the whole curriculum in occupation
  • Link learning outcomes more closely with learning about occupation
  • Launch a curriculum (re)design process
  • Align the elements of a curriculum design across aim, learning philosophy, learning outcomes and others

These services are for individual educators seeking to

  • Make occupation more explicit in courses, class sessions, assignments and learning assessment strategies
  • Receive peer-review of teaching and mentorship in occupation-centered teaching
  • Engage with educators across the US in a participatory instructional design workshop

Over 300 educators have now taken advantage of services at the Center for Occupational Therapy Education. Please contact me to configure a package to support your goals in curriculum and instructional design, implementation, assessment and touch up.



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