Welcome to the Center for
Occupational Therapy Education

SAVE THE DATE: Due to international commitments in summer of 2014, The next COTE Institute will be held in June, 2015. We look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces in Fort Collins next year!

Excellence in teaching effectiveness, curriculum design, and educational research in occupational therapy.

To impact the development of a critical mass of occupational therapy professionals who connect with clients, collaborate with interdisciplinary partners, create knowledge, use evidence, and forge paths to satisfactory engagement in daily life for those they serve.

Professional development experiences, on-site collaborative curriculum development, teaching and learning consultations.

Transformative and integrative educational practices in occupational therapy--including teaching centered on the concept of occupation, epistemological demands of instructional processes, conceptual underpinnings of education in occupational therapy, ways of knowing among occupational therapy students, faculty narratives and teaching.


About COTE
COTE's work is organized around educational research and faculty development.
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Faculty Development
COTE's faculty development arm promotes theory-driven and evidenced-based educational practices.
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Educational Research
The Center for Occupational Therapy Education (COTE) at Colorado State University was established in the fall of 2008.
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