The Center for Occupational Therapy Education (COTE) at Colorado State University was established in the fall of 2008. The Center is the first of its kind in the country and is focused exclusively on expanding educational research, practice, and theory development in the field of occupational therapy.


  • COTE promotes excellence in teaching effectiveness, curriculum design, and educational research in occupational therapy.
  • COTE seeks to impact the development of a critical mass of occupational therapy professionals who connect with clients, collaborate with interdisciplinary partners, create knowledge, use evidence, and forge paths to satisfactory engagement in daily life for those they serve.
  • COTE designs professional development experiences, on-site collaborative curriculum development, teaching and learning consultations.
  • COTE studies transformative and integrative educational practices in occupational therapy--including teaching centered on the concept of occupation, epistemological demands of instructional processes, conceptual underpinnings of education in occupational therapy, ways of knowing among occupational therapy students, faculty narratives and teaching.

Summer Teaching and Learning Institute

Don't miss COTE’s 2017 Summer Institute:

Designing Education to Convey Occupational Therapy’s Distinct Value using The Subject-centered Integrative Learning Model Summer Institute

(Formerly Designing Graduate Courses for Integrative Learning)

June 21-23, 2017

All courses and fieldwork experiences can be designed to help students develop a deep understanding of the distinct value of the profession. Yet occupational therapy education often relies on teaching and learning models from outside occupational therapy that, while informative, are not designed to guide educators and students to elucidate the field’s distinct value. The Subject-centered, Integrative Learning Model for Occupational Therapy (SCIL-OT) is inclusive of traditional education approaches such as experiential learning, problem-based learning or interprofessional learning, but is additionally designed to foster students’ understanding of occupational therapy’s distinct value. This workshop explores the interdisciplinary foundations of the SCIL-OT, the stages of research conducted thus far, and the elements and transactions of the model. Participating educators will use the model to evaluate, revise and/or design courses, class sessions or specific learning activities and materials. All academic and fieldwork educators are welcome.

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